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Grass Strimmers Buyers Guide

Grass Strimmer

Grass trimmers, or strimmers, are usually used to tidy edges of your lawn, or to get near or between obstructions that your lawnmower can not, for example against the edge of a fence or wall, or around the base of a washing line for example.

There are three main types of strimmer, you can get electric strimmers, petrol strimmers, and cordless strimmers.

Which type of strimmer should I buy?

Choosing between the types of strimmer comes down to a few key factors, including :

  • Will you have a power socket where you will need to use the strimmer?
  • Is it worth the extra cost that of a petrol model?
  • Can you maintain a petrol model?

Generally the deciding factor will be where you need to use the strimmer, and the costs invloved.

Cordless strimmers are becoming a lot more popular as they offer the flexibility of a petrol model, without the overheads.

How does a strimmer work?

The vast majority of all strimmers utilises a nylon line cutting head - which basically involves a flexible nylon string being rotated at very high speeds.

This type of cutting action is ideal for strimmers, as the nylon line won't cut into hard objects, such as fence panels and walls, but yet will still cut the grass very effectively, meaning that you don't have to be too accurate in use to avoid damaging things.


The drawback of using a flexible nylon line is that it will be worn down or even break off if it contacts a rough or sharp object.

Rather than having to feed out the nylon line manually, a lot of manufacturers have built in an autofeed system - they sometimes put their own trademarks on the system such as "bump and go" for example. Commonly you only have to tap the strimmer on the ground to have more line fed out.