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Lawn mowers for Medium Sized Gardens

If you have a medium sized garden you want a mower that will fit in with some or all of the following criteria :

  • Easily manouverable around garden obstacles
  • Reduced effort required to operate
  • Easy to maintain

Electric Mowers

Electric Lawnmowers are amongst the most reasonably priced and easiest to maintain making them ideal for the majority of medium sized gardens.

They will produce a good quality cut in most cases without too much effort, and are light ennough to manoeuvre around the sorts of garden obstacles we all seem to have nowadays - not just trees and bushes but also the kids climbing frames and trampolines!!

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Cordless Mowers

You can still consider a cordless lawnmower for a medium sized lawn, as many models now have batteries with good operation times, and many models also come with more than one battery, so even if you do run out of charge mid way through, you will always have a charged battery.

Cordless mowers are great if you don't have a ready power outlet nearby as obviously you aren't limited by the length of cable!

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Petrol Mowers

Some of the small petrol mowers are ideal for medium sized gardens as they offer the flexibility that comes with being free from cables, plus the power to cut even long grass.

Modern petrol models are a lot easier to operate and maintain than previosly, and should be seriously considered by anyone that has all but the smallest of gardens.

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