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Lawn mowers for Large Gardens

If you have a large sized garden you want a mower that will fit in with some or all of the following criteria :

  • Allows a large area of lawn to be cut quickly without too much effort
  • Can be run a long distance away from a power source
  • Can collect a large volume of grass before it needs emptying
  • Ability to cope with uneven terrain

Electric Mowers

It is still worth considering an electric lawnmower if you have a large garden but are worried that petrol models will be too hard to look after as there are some models that have a large cutting width and a high powered motor which is ideal for large areas.

The main limiting factor for using electric mowers in large gardens is probably the distance from the nearest power supply that you will need to be.

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Petrol Mowers

Petrol Lawnmowers are ideal for those with large gardens as you can get models with a very wide cutting deck which means that you can cover the area much more quickly.

With a petrol mower there is no need to worry about being near a power source, or trailing an extension lead which makes it much easier to mow those larger lawn areas.

You can get petrol lawnmowers with powered wheels, which helps to cut down on the effort required to push the mower around your garden.

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Ride On Mowers

Ride On Mowers are obviously only suitable for those with much larger than average gardens, fr those with orchards or paddocks to mow, or for thoose responsible for looking after public areas like parks or golf courses.

Of course Ride On Mowers make light work of larger lawn areas, as the operator simply has to drive around the area while the machine does the hard work.

These types of mowers are inherently more complicated to operate and look after, and are much more costly than other types of mowers, but for some areas they are the only viable alternative.

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